Ap'Oiko Real Estate

Ap'Oiko is a modern real estate agency established in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. Founded in 2015 by Licensed Real Estate Agents, its purpose is the provision of high-quality Real Estate Services and the fullfilment of the Real Estate Market's needs. Soon afterwards, in 2017, our second office was established in Afitos, Chalkidiki. Therefore, at present moment we are able to fullfill all of your wishes and desires regarding Real Estate properties. Whether you are looking for an appartment in the center of the city, at the suburbs, or for a land plot by the sea, we can find the ideal place for you to call home! Our offices manage properties all over the city of Thessaloniki, in its shopping centers and in its suburbs, as well as select holiday destinations. Looking to sell or rent your property? You can register your property with us and we can sell or rent it in the most quick and efficient way while at the same time matching all your needs and expectations. Our Real Estate Agents have great experience in consulting towards businesses looking to develop their property. Our negotiation skills are key to securing and maximing the competitive advantages for your business. Should you have any questions, comments or queries, please contact us.

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