ABOUT ALANYA EIENDOM.REAL ESTATE Alanya is a tourism district of Antalya, which is in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Alanya, located in the southern coast of Turkey, has an area of 1,598,51 km2 and population 400,000 (according to the 2014 census). Alanya Eiendom real estate company gets its name from this city.The Company Alanya Emlak İnşaat and Service is a company situated in Alanya, a city in Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast. Alanya Eiendom’s goal is to prepare high comfort and high quality projects and its mission is “to build buildings where people can feel themselves in peace and security” and marketing them to the whole world. Alanya Eiendom is a company with experience from 2003 with its experienced and professional estate agents. We are selling apartments to customers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and Turkey. Alanya Eiendom is turned to be a conglomerate of companies after having expanded every day and every year and established a perfect after sales service system. Company’s main office is situated in Mediterranean Sea’s pearl Alanya and we serve our customers with our local offices around the world. Alanya Eiendom continues to give satisfaction and security to its customers with its high technology and sale of building projects according to the European standards. One of the main elements which distinguish Alanya Eiendom from other companies is that Alanya Eiendom has a great knowledge of the environment and therefore concentrates on social factors and facilities in addition to use of the highest quality materials in its buildings. We always approach our customer’s requests with a maximum of attention. On the other hand we work hard to deliver our projects to our customers as fast as possible so they can move inn to their apartments within a reasonable time limit. One of our main principles is to do everything to not disappoint our customers. Alanya Eiendom puts great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction and helps its customers to make the correct investment. We do this not only by having a high quality in our buildings and our sales procedures but also by aiming for a high customer satisfaction also after sales. Our employees work hardly and professionally to give our customers all these possibilities. All our employees will give our customers correct informatıon on projects, how those projects will look like when the building process will end, how important will be to invest in different projects and how much a customer will earn after having invested in those projects. Our professional employees will act responsibly, will take initiatives and will give you all information you need. Besides the quality and service we are also very keen to sell our projects with an affordable price. This is due to the responsibility we feel towards our customers. Our main characteristics are; openness, transparency, honesty and professionality which allows our customers to trust us. We always protect our customers in every step, both under sales process and after sales services. WE THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE CHOSEN ALANYA EIENDOM.

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