S72 in Oslo

70.00 sq.m., None bedrooms

€ 6,500


About the project

Sandakerveien 72, between Nydalen and Torshov, you live centrally in the city and have easy access to most public transport. In the housing project S72, 74 beautiful freehold apartments have been built, divided into two building bodies. The property is located in a block bordering Treschows gate, Lillogata and Sandakerveien. The surrounding buildings are homes in the north, east and west, while in the south there are office space.
In the development of S72, we have sought to distance ourselves from the area's other housing projects. The apartments have a very good standard and water-borne underfloor heating. There is a communal garage with elevator to all apartment floors. In the basement there is also a sports store for each apartment (some of the apartments on the ground floor of house BCÂ have their sports store by their private garden area).
The architecture speaks for itself and the apartments will benefit from good ceiling height, and the large window areas will create a great atmosphere in the living zones. Each apartment has its own spacious balcony, terrace and garden or private roof garden. To break up the facades and at the same time create variations and playfulness, the architects have designed many different window formats and shifted the balconies in relation to each other. The balconies do not have right angles and are built in glass with foil. These will give exciting mirror reflections in the facade.
It is a great communal park that invites to use all year round. A four-storey high continuous opening in one building lets in a lot of daylight from the south and integrates the property with the surroundings in an elegant way.

Property Details

Floors: 6
Security: —
Condition: Turnkey
Housing class: Comfort
Building phase: Completed
Installment plan: —
Construction type: Monolyth

Location Oslo

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