City Side 2 in Skopje

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The residential building CITY SIDE 2 is a new urban complex for shared housing and represents a perfect combination of modern architectural design, top quality construction and maximum functionality of residential units.Inspired by the most modern world trends in construction and architecture, the CITY SIDE 2 complex is a modern facility that can meet all the needs of urban housing.Special attention is paid to the selection of building materials and the application of the most modern technologies in construction, for a completely new approach in construction, with the aim of offering apartments with top quality and the highest coefficient of energy efficiency.Quality assurance in accordance with the highest standards covers all areas of the company, from development and production to administration and logistics.The walls between the apartments consist of two rows of stone wool and a total of five Knauf boards, while the walls for partitioning the rooms inside an apartment have one row of stone wool and a total of four Knauf boards for increased sound insulation.The profile systems of the well-known manufacturer Veka adhere to the highest quality standards of window profiles valid in Europe. The development of the company's profile technology aims to increase performance, enabling the highest level of insulation and complete home comfort.For the City Side 2 complex, we select high-quality windows with a 6-chamber profile and 3-layer glass, whose exceptional quality will provide you with incredible insulation and energy efficiency in your home.When it comes to the choice of sanitary ware, the choice for the City Side 2 complex is two renowned manufacturers - Kolpa San and Grohe, whose main characteristics are top technology, the highest quality products, exceptional design according to the most current world trends and the maximum level of sustainability.The City Side 2 complex is our third building out of a total of 11 built buildings, on which we have a complete implementation of the dry construction system of the well-known manufacturer Knauf and provides all the features for a high-quality and energy-efficient home.

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North Macedonia

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