Commercial in Niksic

€ 1,200,000


Commercial complex for sale in Niksic
This commercial complex is located on the the main road Niksic - Podgorica.
It comprises 3900 sq m of land, two residential buildings, four commercial buildings, three warehouses and other objects.
They are used for:

- Technical center for vehicles, insurance and registration (175 sq m + 175 sq m)

- Mill for the production of the grains and flour. All equipment is included (630 sq m)

- Bakery with all equipment (440 sq m)

- Office space (90 sq m)

- Warehouse I (300 sq m)

- Warehouse II (130 sq m)

- Warehouse III (120 sq m)

- Additional object (50 sq m)

- Residential building (354 sq m)

- Residential building (350 sq m)

- Weight meter for the large vehicles

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