Hotel in Budva

€ 1,500,000


Beautiful and stylish hotel located in Budva. Fully equipped and operating since 2017. Slovenska beach is 1 km away, Mogren beach is 2.3 km away. Land area - 248 m2. In total - 15 apartments / apartments and commercial premises. On the ground floor there are: a garage for 6 cars (plus parking for 2 more cars in front of the hotel), 2 offices (16.7 m2, 15 m2), a studio apartment for staff (22 m2), as well as a shower, toilet and laundry. There is an elevator. On the second floor: 4 apartments (48m2, 22m2, 22m2, 41m2) - third floor: 3 apartments (48m2, 44m2, 47m2) - fourth floor: 3 apartments (48m2, 47m2, 47m2) - fifth floor: 2 apartments (70m2, 77m2)

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