Apartment in Budva

€ 115,185


Modern residential building in one of the best areas of the city of Budva.
The main goal of the project is to create the impression of a modern Mediterranean atmosphere. This is also facilitated by the arrangement of the ground floor in the form of paved terraces and sidewalks with intensive landscaping with autochthonous types of greenery. Shrubby greenery around the perimeter of the site also performs the function of fencing, especially the planting of tall stems. The architectural elements of the building are in harmony with the immediate surroundings.
The building is located in a flat part of Budva. Rozino district is an area with a well-developed urban infrastructure. The distance to the sea is about 1km.
The facility is competently designed with two passenger elevators and a stairwell, from which a longitudinal corridor has been developed along the residential floors for access to apartments.
There are 4 residential blocks for people with reduced mobility and people with disabilities, with all elements of accessibility.
The first floor of the building consists of 5 business units with separate entrances. On the lower levels there are two underground floors with garage spaces, which are accessed from the central communication highway and fire-fighting buffer rooms.
The entrance of cars is carried out on an inclined two-way ramp. All garage spaces have standard sizes, there are special places for people with special needs, with all the accessibility elements provided.
The total number of apartments is 38 with a diverse structure: from studio apartments to two- and three-bedroom apartments. The area of the apartments is from 53 to 117 m2.
4 apartments and 4 parking spaces are available for purchase.

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