House in Pembroke

€ 1,390,000


Traditional renovated four storey terraced house located in Pembroke, within walking distance of the sea. This beautiful home has seven bedrooms, two kitchens, four bathrooms, a living and dining room, terraces, games rooms and storage in the basement, as well as a five car garage. It is safe to say that this wonderful house will be an excellent acquisition for a large family living together. And also for those who like to entertain and offer their guests an overnight stay. For those who are in business, you have a great opportunity to create a beautiful boutique guest house and run a hospitality business in Malta.
About the area:
Many localities in Malta are very clear evidence of their origins and history. Valletta is clearly a product of Malta's baroque and chivalrous period. Mdina takes us back to the Middle Ages, when the forces to be transformed turn into the city we know today. The city of Fgura reflects the last four or five decades of its transformation from agricultural land to a vibrant suburb. Pembroke follows this line, showing a sharp juxtaposition between Malta's British colonial period when the locality of Pembroke came into being and its subsequent development as an independent city, as seen in more recent developments in the area. The history of Pembroke is relatively recent history, with the barracks and facilities built for officers to be noted first. These barracks were built in what was then an isolated area to study. In fact, there is a shooting range nearby, as well as several other public buildings related to the education, training, and entertainment of soldiers and personnel. Most of these buildings are still in use today and many have been converted into residences. A small residential area emerged to the south and east, dominated by large terraced houses and a few more recent apartments. Pembroke, with its heritage of military structures, today boasts a large number of schools and sports infrastructure, many of which started on one of the existing facilities. However, many schools and sports organizations today have expanded their facilities into larger and better-suited buildings. As for schools and sports facilities, as already mentioned, Pembroke lacks them. Schools in Pembroke include private (including Verdala International School, St. Catherines), sought-after institutions, as well as public schools. Many athletic people from all over the island visit Pembroke regularly as it has the largest concentration of sports facilities on the islands. Sports facilities are usually owned by various sports clubs that allow users for a small fee, although some venues are open to the public. Facilities include soccer fields, basketball courts, archery grounds, bike paths, tennis courts, sports tracks, martial arts clubs and more. One of the largest football venues, Luxol Stadium is also occasionally used as a concert venue. However, it is far from residential areas, and therefore any events that take place do not disturb the residents. Pembroke has become an excellent residential area to live in. It also has its own pharmacies as well as corner grocery stores to meet the demand of its residents. Pembroke also has a relatively undeveloped coastline which, with its rugged rocky nature, attracts many visitors and serves as a peaceful backdrop for many locals taking the long walk. The recently refurbished trails also lead to the historic Madliena watchtower. From home to the Royal Air Force to a prestigious area, some houses in the city of Pembroke have beautiful views of the coast. If you enter the city, you will also notice a beautiful children's park frequented by local children. An area of low density and plenty of fresh air, Pembroke is closely connected to the rest of the island, serving its public transport hub and the Svia, north to St. Paul's Bay and south to St. Julian's and the centre. The locality has a high status, which is also promoted by the active local council of Pembroke. A stone's throw from St. George's Bay and the Pender Gardens business center, it attracts a huge number of executives and employees who work in one of the key industries based in office buildings located in St. Julian's. Being close to the center means commuting is very easy and properties are also very easy to rent out.
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According to our classification, we can classify this property in the category - L (Luxury houses and villas).
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