Castle in city Višķi
45967.00 sq.m.

€ 200 000
According to the appraisal of the site, the indoor areas, the adjacent land, the park and other aspects, the estate is deemed reasonably suitable for the development of a SPA wellness resort. This mode of use also meets the objectives of the development plan for the Višķu Parish of the Daugavpils Region, the "Development of an Integrated Cultural and Tourism Area in Višķu Parish". Administration of the Daugavpils Region has already commenced its efforts aimed at the development of the adjacent territory, having built a stadium, a camping site and a bandshell. The development objectives set by the council of the region include the development and provision of high-quality cultural, sports and tourist events and services, as well as funding of renovation works on the estate.

The unique advantage substantiating the development of a special SPA wellness resort at this location is the availability of therapeutic muds in the area. Exploration of the Limanu Lake, situated in the vicinity of the estate, which took place in 1998, has revealed the presence of sapropel muds in the basin of the lake. These organic therapeutic muds feature a complex and unique composition, which is confirmed by the findings of experts of the Latvian Balneology Association, can be found nowhere else in Latvia. (The complete description of the results of the study on lake muds, laboratory test results, the subsoil licence, the environment impact assessment and other documents are provided in the annex hereto).

The Daugavpils Region Council has presented a development project for the period of 2015 to 2020, which also addresses the potential kinds of investments / funding. According to this development project, the costs of an approved technical design developed for these objectives amounts to 450 000,00 EUR. The project has access to EU funding.

Purchase of this property entitles the buyer to obtain a temporary residence permit in the European Union for 5 years.

Technical specifications of the buildings and territory of the estate

Total territory: 4.5967 ha

Total indoor area of the buildings: 3004.6 m2

Indoor area of ancillary buildings: 1222.4 m2

Number of buildings: 3

Location of the property on the map

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