Apartment in city Jūrmala
67.50 sq.m., 1 bedroom

€ 405 405

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The concept
The link between generations, the continuity, the memory of the great people who have committed their life story and left a contribution to the history of the city, country and the world. That is what is important to keep in memory, in life and to pass this important baton down the generations.
Nostalgia for a great time Latvia the beginning of the 20th century, with its economic growth and beautiful, bright people who lived at the time. People for whom the words: "I do it for my country!" was not an empty sound. Thus was born the idea to create a new reading of the famous Villa Benjamina and dedicate it to the great woman Emilia Benjamin – the mistress of the Villa Milia.

Architecture and interiors of halls – the creation of stars Latvian design Zane Tetere – a modern, monumental and at the same urmanski easy and open. Project architect Zane Tetere has its recognizable, contemporary, light and unexpectedly compelling and monumental style, with an emphasis on form and attention to detail.

Arhitekturna concept – elegant, artistic blend of the last great style of the sophisticated art Deco popular in Jurmala, 30-ies of the last century concise functionalism.
In the design of the project using the latest technology, the highest quality and natural building and finishing materials: wood and marble finishes, wrought-iron details on the facade.
The Central axis of the composition – a lone bonsai right in front of the main entrance. Emphasizes its elegance double arch, like "the gates of time" that frames the entrance to the building. The penalty of a doorway made of special heat-treated Japanese pine.

All the subtle modulations of color, game of tones creates two main material of the facade is a noble granite color sand Jurmala beach, and two types of small glass mosaic: the same cream and gold and gray-blue as the cool Baltic wave. The lightness and spectacular Shine of the building gives a special thread for faceted glass panels that enclose the balconies.
In front of the entrance running, enveloped in soft sound of falling water soothes and configures a philosophical mood a little waterfall. If you believe a wise centuries-old teachings of Feng Shui, leaning, "flowing" water brings home prosperity and wealth.

Interior decoration of the public areas of Villa Milia – so well done
with the use of rare, expensive materials. In the premises of the hall is a silver travertine, which is sometimes also called "young marble". His light, gentle background stunningly effectively allocated door (the height of the inlet openings in the apartment -2,4 meter) and the panel of ziricote, rare, very durable wood, which is strikingly rich pattern.

A plurality of light sources from the dramatic chandeliers to the soft illumination of walls and rooms and apartments makes objects and details of three-dimensional, extends the space.

Location of the project is the main component of any real estate project and have Villa Milia it special. Villa Milia is located at the address: Latvia, jūrmala, Dzintaru prospekts 21 (hereinafter, the "Project"). Dzintaru prospekts – "Golden mile", the area of exclusive private villas and luxury apartment houses - new buildings. Building of luxury creates special social environment: security, tranquility, respectability. The Avenue Dzintaru is the very centre of Jurmala, at the same time, the Project is in the first line, away from the hustle and bustle. Only dune area in 100 meters separates the project site from the sea.
Walk to the sea takes only a minute, 3-minute walk of the legendary Jurmala Park. Next door is the restaurant at the hotel "Light House", a 5-minute – concert hall "Dzintari" and the Central pedestrian Jomas street. 10 minutes drive is the largest in Jurmala shopping center with a supermarket “Rimi” and water Park “Livu”.

Not to compromise, choose a beauty or quality, infrastructure or privacy, modern technology or convenience - perfect project, so we planned Villa Milia.
Club Villa Milia (only 15 apartments) is a highly collectible real estate, such projects are out of the competition out of the market, they are always in demand and always in demand.

Buying apartments in Villa Milia, the owner comes into a club "LEGEND." and enjoys all privileges and options of infrastructure: SPA with gym cardio workout exercise Pilates and yoga, Memories restaurant and beach Legend.Beach. Villa Milia is positioned as a continuation of the LEGEND block., with the same philosophy, concept and quality requirements,

There are a total of three (!) floor, in contrast to the usual for Jurmala of new buildings. Due to this the ceiling height on the first two floors is 3, 50 m, and the last third is 3.80 m. the Original project provides 15 apartments, although potential owners at an early stage of construction can take advantage of the opportunity and combining apartments, to carry out alterations.

Option for first floor apartments – the possibility to manage the adjacent area of from 50 to 150 meters, in turn, the advantage of the penthouse-roof of a Marquise, allow to rest on the nature, almost never leaving the house.

Additional information: www.villamilia.lv

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