Comfortable house in a new city 2 in Karaganda

40.00 sq.m., None bedrooms

€ 580


About the project

The residential complex "Comfortable house in the new city 2" is a modern new building with business class apartments, which is being built in a promising area of ​​the city.

Location A comfortable house in the new city 2 in Karaganda is being built at ul. Volochaevskaya, p. 1, only a few hundred meters from the square "Ice Palace".

There are no large industrial enterprises nearby, 700 meters away is Republic Avenue - one of the largest motorways in the city. 
What is nearby Near the RC there is a boxing center, the Karaganda Arena stadium and ice rink, as well as the Metro hypermarket, Goldway and Kazmart shopping centers and the Stroymart store. There is a grocery store, convenience store and pharmacy within a five-minute walk.

On foot you can quickly reach the kindergartens "Shanyrak" and "Maral", secondary schools No. 23 and No. 86. 
Transport connection There is a bus stop 800 meters from the complex. On Republic Avenue with a minimum interval of 25 minutes, bus No. 146 and minibus No. 011 run.

The railway station "Karaganda-Passenger" and the bus station are almost five kilometers away. 
Characteristics of the new building The residential complex is a three-sectional house from sixteen to nineteen floors, built using modern technologies from environmentally friendly materials.
The building has a reinforced concrete monolithic frame and a pile foundation with a reinforced concrete monolithic grillage. The walls are constructed from an autoclave gas block and are insulated with a durable heat insulator. The flat roof of the house during construction is equipped with internal drains and covered with soft roll waterproofing.

The new building is equipped with modern engineering communications and systems, as well as high-quality technological equipment. In 16-story sections, one passenger and a passenger-and-freight elevator is installed. In the 19-story block, three elevators are mounted - two passenger-and-freight and one passenger. 
The entrances are equipped with panoramic glazed entrance doors. The project provides for high-quality decoration of entrance groups and common areas. 
Beautification Near the house pedestrian paths are laid, covered with paving tiles. Lanterns are installed in the courtyard, asphalt driveways for cars are arranged, lawns are broken, ornamental plants and trees are planted. Cozy relaxation areas with benches and awnings are equipped, as well as a modern children's playground.

Underground parking for 134 cars is being built and ground parking for 30 cars is being built. On the ground floor there are commercial premises and a hall for receptions.

Property Details

Floors: 19
Security: —
Elevators: 5
Building phase: Carcase finished
Installment plan: —
Construction type: Monolyth

Location Karaganda

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