Property in region Sicily - 233 offers

If you’re looking for properties for sale in Sicily, Italy, then you’re lucky. This locality is full of chances to obtain your real estate. Our selection can offer you 233 options to grab one from.

Sicily real estate market review

Market of property in Sicily may be characterized as immature if compared with the rest of Italy. It is not very popular destination among overseas buyers and there are not so many international big agencies there. This region has also suffered from the global economic downturn. It caused 30% decrease in property prices and even today market is still evolving in favour of buyers.

Mediterranean flavour of Sicily real estate in Italy

The largest Italian island of Sicily is surrounded by three seas. It worth visit not only because of the climate, cuisine, nature or perfect sea beaches but also because of its unique environment that makes the island perfect place for purchasing a second house abroad. This is a quiet and fertile area, scented by lemon trees with days dawning up on terracotta walls. And a piece of this charming place may be purchased today at a very attractive price, as property for sale in Sicily is still affordable.

Where to buy property in Sicily?

The island has a number of innumerable charms. When looking for Sicily real estate for sale in cities of Palermo, Stromboli, Catania or Segesta, you’ll feel as if the history itself is lurking just around the next corner. On the streets of Ortygia and Marsala marble is glowing in market lights and reflects late night stars. Etna volcano, mountain-fringed Golfo di Castellammare region and dozen-plus offshore islands offers diving, swimming, hiking and even climbing facilities that will suite any kind of tourists and may become good destination for buying property in Sicily.

The range of price of real estate in Sicily

Two-bedroom fully furnished apartment of 55 sq. m. in Marsala with a parking place is offered for €55,000. If adding another €20,000 you may purchase 100 squares in the same city, with panoramic sea view, air conditioning and heating. Two levelled villa of 340 sq. m. near Palermo is offered for €760,000. It has two terraces, swimming pool facing the sea, patio, lush garden and garage. The same housing in Syracuse worth €1,100,000. The only difference is that this variant has a private sea beach.

To sum up

The land of Sicily remembers the Phoenicians, Romans and Greeks and who knows, maybe one day our descendants will remember how nice were their holidays in your family summer cottage spent in Sicily.

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The Sicily area, of Italy is not just rich in local charm. It also has plentiful work openings and chances to spend your free time. Owning real estate here can alter your life in the best way possible. Why not start right here, where we've put together the best property ads in the area from trustworthy sources? Maybe you’ll be changing addresses sooner than you would think.