Different purposes in city Belvedere Marittimo
100000.00 sq.m.

€ 31 055 481
Paola’s Court - Conc. 4/2016 - G.D. Dr. Marta Sodano The sale (art. 167 and 182 financial law) of the property located at Belvedere Marittimo (CS), Via Capo Tirone, with a simultaneous lease obligation for a total period of 9 + 9 years at an annual rental fee of € 1,680,000.00 for the first 6 years and € 2,160,000.00 for the following period. The contract must explicitly provide the option of re-purchasing the property at the deadlines at the sixth and twelfth years. Price: € 31.055.481,00. Minimum raise from: € 10,000.00. The opening of the procedure (art. 167 and 185 financial law) concerning the sale of credits derived from: - law decree n. 155/2012, debtor transferred to ASP Cosenza, € 4,183,855.30; - law decree n. 146/2005, debtor transferred ASP Cosenza, € 3,577,173.21; - law decree n. 145/2006, debtor transferred to ASP Cosenza, € 1,586,623.90. Price: € 9.347.623,90. The Sale day is on 25.01.2018 at 11.00 am in front of the Chief Judge at the Tribunal of Paola. Deadline for submissions is irrevocable at 12.00 am on 24.01.2018 c / o Cancelleria delle Fallimenti del Tribunale di Paola. Info: Judicial Commissioners Dr. Fernando Caldiero tel. 0982 92461, e-mail: [email protected] Lawyer Pasquale Di Martino tel. 0812471133 3381081672 e-mail: [email protected], website www.asteannunci.it, www.asteavvisi.it, www.canaleaste.it, www.tribunaledipaola.it

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