The tax on short-term rental in Greece: new details

Aug. 17, 2016

The tax on short-term rental in Greece: new details

Greek newspaper Vima Kyriaki reports details of the upcoming tax on short-term rent. All owners who are offering their homes for rent through sites like or are threatens to pay "emergency" tax fees (3% of the value of the property).

A bill currently is under consideration in the Greek Parliament and is expected to be approved in September.

In addition to "emergency" tax the Greeks who give shelter to tourists for a short time through Internet services will have to pay income tax. According to existing legislation, it will be 40% of revenues.

According to the Association of tourism of Greece, due to the wide spread of unofficial rent, local hotels are losing €270 million annually.

Paul Onoyko from the portal "Russian Athens" believes that it is due to easy and accessible rent scheme via the Internet Greece managed to attract many tourists. The occupancy rate of hotels was at the level of 90-100%.

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