In Greece on auctions will be sold 200 000 real estate objects

According to the Sunday Free Press, the total number of residential properties listed in Greece for forced sale has reached 110 000. The Athens and Thessaloniki account for the lion's share - 99 000 homes. Add to this the property which belongs to companies – and the number of such objects will increase to 200,000.

23 144 homes are for sale in the vicinity of Athens (North and East), of which 23 025 are located in South-Central Crete. In Nikiya and the Piraeus there are less such objects – only 8 129.

In the Peloponnese there is also quite a wide selection of auction properties – about 5000. Followed by Corinth (2 160) and Achaia (1 250). Islands of Paros, Santorini, Andros and Mykonos are in the end of the list.

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