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€ 124 300

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within the city


45 m²


One-bedroom apartment in Bochum, as part of a large hotel chain Novum Hotels (Acora).
The object was built in 1998 in the very center of Bochum.
The total area of the apartment is 45.5 sq.m.
The contract is concluded for 5 years - always new
The last time the contract was extended in 2022 for 5 years - until the end of 2027.
If the hotel wants to withdraw from the lease agreement, then in accordance with the contract, it must notify this decision in writing for at least 24 months.
The yield is 558 euros per month, including VAT (€ 6.696 per year)
Unconditional acceptance are:
- 1. constant maintenance of the proper technical condition of all apartments at the expense of the hotel
- 2. a long-term lease agreement that guarantees stable profitability for many years to come.
These factors guarantee the long-term viability of the specified profitability and the security of income from the need for regular repair costs, etc..
The tenant is always interested in extending the lease agreement, as the hotel has been showing excellent occupancy for many years.
Based on 5,234 reviews on 17 different hotel reservation portals, the rating of the hotel by its guests is 81% or "very good".
The commission for the Buyer is + 4,300 euros to the cost of the object.
Details on request.


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+7 495 767-64-52

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