An increased tax on the wealthy French will be introduced in 2014

An increased tax on the wealthy French will be introduced in 2014

The next year the tax system in France will undergo major changes. The French with high incomes will pay more and, in addition, the fixed tax rate will be abolished, reports with reference to the French media.

The old scheme of taxation in France was associated with the rate of inflation and is directly dependent on the spending of the population. Now, with the abolition of the fixed rate, the tax changes for wealthy Frenchmen to a considerable sum, up to several thousand euros.

Citizen without families that earn €20,000 a year will pay €23 more. With revenue of €35,000 – the tax will be charged at €162 more. Those who earn more than €100,000 will pay an additional €1,772.

For married couples the picture is following. If the total income is €40,000, you must pay €19 extra taxes, and income of €600,000 will result in a tax increase on the €3,059. Families with children will feel the effect of the law only if their annual income is more than € 70,000.

Tax reform is aimed to reduce the rate of inflation to 2%. The new tax system should bring at least €500 million to the state treasury, and according to some reports, - € 1 billion.

The issue of tax reform was standing in front of the French economy for a long time and is quite sharp. Not long ago French government's decision to introduce a 75-percent tax on individuals, whose total annual income exceeds € 1 million, has caused discontent among the rich people. As a result, the tax was repealed by the Constitutional Council of France.

The situation around the tax reform has led to the exodus of the richest Frenchmen. The first to left France were the country's wealthiest businessmen, headed by Bernard Arnault. A famous actor Gerard Depardieu has renounced French citizenship in favor of Russian and received a residence permit in the capital of Mordovia - Saransk.

Text: Ivan Ulitin,