House in city London
623.00 sq.m., 7 bedrooms

€ 25 020 000
For sale beautiful house with panoramic views over Regents Park

Country: England

Region: London

City: Greater London

City area: Regents Park

Kinds of services: real estate

Offer type: House

Age: Second hand

Style: Classic

Nearby: recreation Areas, parks

Offers from: Exclusive from partners

Area - total (sqm) : 623

Floor / Floors: 6

Bedrooms: 7

Stores: 3

Bathrooms: 6

Kitchen: 2

Terraces: 2

City views: V

Views to Park: V

Garden: V

Garage / Parking: V

Office: V

Gym: V

Fireplace: V

Elevator: V

Gorgeous, spacious house luxury apartments, voted best in the Nash Terraces. A huge advantage is its own garden, raspolojennyi on the West side.
There is a lift that requires recovery. The house is a quality repair. Hanover Terrace is one of the most attractive places in Regents Park, is close to the lake where you can ride a boat to the famous Queen Mary's Garden and outdoor theater.
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