The Nordic countries are the best for women

March 5, 2015

The Nordic countries are the best for women

The least inequality between men and women is observed in the Nordic countries (Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and Ireland, according to Global Gender Gap Index 2014, published on

The ranking is based on four criteria: economic participation and career opportunities, education, health, political empowerment. The level of gender was analyzed in 142 countries around the world. We represent the top ten European countries.

Top 10 European countries where the rights of men and women are equal:

1. Iceland (1st world ranking)
2. Finland (2)
3. Norway (3)
4. Sweden (4)
5. Denmark (5)
6. Ireland (8)
7. Belgium (10)
8. Switzerland (11)
9. Germany (12)
10. The Netherlands (14)

The most problematic country in Europe, where women are oppressed, is Turkey (#125). Better things are in Malta (99), Czech Republic (96), Cyprus (95), Hungary (93), Greece (91), Slovakia (90) and Albania (83).