20 of the most successful countries in the world

20 of the most successful countries in the world

During last 6 years Legatum Institute measuring the success of 142 countries around the world. Countries evaluate in eight categories: power, economy, security, education, social capital, personal freedom, opportunity and health.

In Europe was fixed growth of success. Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany showed the growth of indicators. However, more than two-thirds of European countries after 2009 dropped points in the category of «economics».

Top 3 ranking took the Scandinavian countries - Norway, Sweden and Denmark. On the last line of the rating located Afghanistan, Haiti, Congo, Chad and the Central African Republic. Russia in this year, took 66 rate.

 Some countries have succeeded in certain categories. For example, Switzerland has taken first place in the categories of «economy» and «power», Denmark became the first country in the number of opportunities, and Luxembourg topped the rating of the most «healthy» countries. The safest state was Iceland, and the most advanced on the number of personal freedom - Canada. Norway topped the list of countries with the highest social capital.

Twenty of the most successful countries:

• Norway

• Denmark

• Sweden

• Australia

• New Zealand

• Canada

• Finland

• The Netherlands

• Switzerland

• Ireland

• Luxembourg


• UK

• Germany

• Iceland

• Austria

• Belgium

• Hong Kong

• Singapore

• Taiwan