Russian pensioners immigrated to Europe may lose their pension payments

Russian pensioners in Europe may lose their pension benefits. It applies to those who have permanent residence abroad, live in a foreign country 183+ days a year, changed citizenship or received a second. The bill contains a provision that if a person returns to Russia and stays more six months, his pension payments will be recovered.

The Russian State Duma will consider the bill, reports "Izvestia". If the law is adopted, the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) will save about 31.4 billion rubles – the sum received Russian emigrants (265,200 people) in 2014.

Most of the Russian "foreigners" live in Germany (96,900 people), Israel (40,500), Latvia (21,500), the US (20,300) and Belarus (18,200). Generally, the PFR pays in 121 world's countries. About 115,000 people receive Russian pensions to their foreign accounts (11.3 billion rubles were transferred in 2014), the remaining cards are by Russian banks (20.1 billion rubles).


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