Europe's worst places to visit: the most dangerous ghettos on the continent

Europe's worst places to visit: the most dangerous ghettos on the continent

Portal Buyagift has compiled a list of 20 most dangerous places for vacation, and almost half of them are in the European Union. Bad neighborhoods can be found not only in Bulgaria and Romania, but also in wealthy countries such as Britain, France and Sweden, reports

The most dangerous in Europe and around the world is the Roma ghetto in Stolipinovo, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Nothing was built or repaired here for decades, and the people , accustomed to poverty, often throw garbage from the windows. Garbage piles where children play and stray dogs run are also tipical for Ferentari, Bucharest. District Hrebendova in Kosice, Slovakia, is described as place of "poverty, desperation, crime and filth."

Another type of risk areas include Scampia, the suburb of Naples. Police station appeared there only 15 years after the arrival of the first inhabitants. Mafia, street gangs and drug trafficking are indications of this unfriendly place.

There are dangerous areas even in England and France. It is better not to visit London's Walworth, where authorities have built tatty gray apartment blocks for the poor people half a century ago. Moss Site in south Manchester and Tokset in Liverpool are calmer than 15 years ago, but are not recommended to visit. Saint-Ouen near Paris, a haven of refugees and homeless, is also not the most pleasant place to spend a holiday.

Malmo may sound good, but it looks much worse. This whole city, the third largest in Sweden, was included in the rating for a large number of migrants and crimes they committ.

Photo: Stolipinovo, from website