Sergey from Moscow: “I am grateful to destiny that brought me to Cyprus!»

I didn't have in mind to buy a property in Cyprus. But due to certain circumstances I have lived in Paphos for a certain time. During this time I traveled thoughout the country, and fell in love with Cyprus. For all the time I was here, I did not encounter any hostility, anger, aggression. I was always surrounded by smiles, kindness and help to strangers (in Moscow this can not be found). And of course, Cyprus is  air, sea, mountains, vegetables, fruits, seafood, monasteries, history! I didn't want to part with it and decided to buy a property in my beloved "village" of Paphos.

I already knew the city and knew where ans what I want to buy. Since I can't live in Cyprus all the time, I decided (before purchasing) that in free months the property will be offered for short-term rental – it was considered in my criteria of selection of object for buying.

What was important for me: two bedrooms, large kitchen and access to the land (I love to cook on the grill), swimming pool, walking distance to the beach (not to sea!!!), price.

For selection of real estate I turned on the recommendation of my friends in the company ABC Cyprus Homes (they are also engaged in the rental service of your property and its maintenance). For me were offered more than 20 properties in the Paphos and Coral Bay. And I found what I was looking for!

Realtor recommended me the best lawyer in town to conduct legal expertise of documents. The entire process of verification and registration took several days.


What I would like to advise those, who plan to purchase property in Cyprus:

1. to trust the professionals (buyer must have the money, the requirements for the property, the time for viewing and good mood, and let the specialists do all the other things).

2. you should remember (if we talk about the Paphos area) that the location of the house within walking distance from the sea does not guarantee you that you will be able to swim in this place. For swimming there are several beaches. So, if you want to own a house within walking distance from the beach, you must correctly set the task to your agent.

3. if your "dream house" is located in a residential complex, it is necessary to clarify the list, cost and terms of payment services to Managing company ( for not to be surprised later).

I am grateful to destiny that brought me to Cyprus, to my friends that recommend  me company ABC Cyprus Homes and my realtors Helena and Regina !!!

We have become friends!!!

Thank you!!!

Sergey, Moscow.

Comment of realtor:

Object - townhouse with 2 bedrooms in Kato Paphos, Universal district.

To the sea is about 10 mins walk, within walking distance of shops, restaurants, bus stop.

House size - b95m2.

The cost - €125 000.

A purchase was made in the summer of 2014