Cyprus is a paradise everyone can move to

Cyprus is a paradise everyone can move to

In the midst of winter, we are warming ourselves with hot tea and dreams about coming spring and summer. And there will be the sun and the sea and vacation. However, just for a while: only for two weeks or for a month. Well, there's a fairy tale, and here's a real life. But, fortunately, now there are no more prejudices that purchase of real estate in Europe is an unattainable luxury. You can start living under the warm sun even today!

There are enough inexpensive options. If you dream not only about the sun and the sea, but also about comfort and safety, look into the countries of southern Europe, and you will get both. Also you can be not so far from Mother Russia.

Or maybe you'd like to be a happy islander? The nature made sure that you will meet the sea, the sun and beaches. Humans added membership of the European Union, safety, reasonable prices and distinctness of culture. All together, it turns into sunny Cyprus. If you ever wondered about buying property in Cyprus, we will help you study out the prices and peculiarities of the largest resort cities on this island.

Property in Limassol

Serene Larnaca

Let's start with Larnaca: the city that welcomes most of the planes with happy holidaymakers. Life in Larnaca is relatively slow. First of all, this city is known and valued for its history. It appeared in antiquity and was founded as a Phoenician port. Previously Larnaca was known as Kition.

This city has seen great events and equally great people. For example, Gospel Lazarus was the first bishop and patron saint of the city who, according to the Bible, was resurrected by Jesus Christ. The city got its name during the reign of the Venetians, and later the Turks gained power over it. Imagine that the city combines not only cultures of different countries, but also of different civilizations!

Lovers of history will never be bored in Larnaca: museums, ancient temples, relics: all this is in abundance here. And, of course, in the city there is an excellent tourist infrastructure: wonderful beaches, promenades with stunning views, hundreds of bars, restaurants, cafes and national taverns along the coast. The famous promenade Finikoudes s believed to rival its beauty with the promenades in Nice and Cannes.

Property in Larnaca

In Larnaca, as actually in other cities of the country, there is quite a diverse range of real estate. Apartments, townhouses, houses, bungalows and lovely Mediterranean-style villas right near the sea. It's a pleasure even to imagine that you already own a villa on the cliffs with sea sunset views, let alone the real opportunity to live there. And the words "real opportunity" are not an overstatement.

Property prices on the island are much nicer than in Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can buy an apartment in Larnaca from €53,000 to € 1,450,000. In the first case you will get a one bedroom apartment with a spacious living room, open kitchen and a small terrace in a good condition, but at some distance from the sea. For the second price you will be the owner of a luxurious apartment with three large bedrooms and a huge terrace in great condition and overlooking the sea.

For €75,000 you will get cozy cottage with two bedrooms and a swimming pool, and for €6,000,000 you will undoubtedly live like a king, as that's the price for a villa in Larnaca of ​​725 sq.m, with a plot of 2,235 sq.m. From the windows you can admire the sea or the mountains, as the villa is located right in the middle.

Ayia Napa changed its name to "Ibiza"

In Ayia Napa you can buy a studio apartment near the sea for €38,000. A nice house with a large private pool within walking distance from the sea, and two or three bedrooms will cost about €220,000. Perhaps the lowest property prices in Cyprus can be found here - in the Mecca of clubbers from around the world. Although housing here is not worse neither in terms of quality nor views out of the windows.

Property in Ayia Napa

The entertainment industry has taken its strong roots in this city. It is even called the second Ibiza, but its atmosphere is more relaxed: even the most pretentious club party can easily turn into street dances. Ayia Napa, as you know, sleeps only in winter, when the tourist season is over, but in summer even narrow streets are full of life and lively trade. All the beaches of Ayia Napa are awarded the Blue flag that confirms and guarantees their cleanness and safety. If you get tired of the beach vacation, you can go looking for adventure and extreme: surfing, water skiing, sea fishing, traveling on a yacht – there are all conditions it.

Businessmen's favourite: Limassol

Apart from easy-to-please tourists, Limassol is suitable for businessmen who prefer to know the measure of entertainment and recreation. Limassol is Cyprian New York, it is not the capital, but all big business is concentrated here. All the opposites get along perfectly in this city. The old town is especially beautiful during quiet morning hours under the pleasant warming sunlight, and the coast with its business centers and traffic, and peaceful coexistence of mosques and cathedrals, and boisterous nightlife, and national festivals, collecting no less fun lovers than all disco clubs.

Revelry doesn't subside in the streets at wine and beer festivals. Ten days are given for each of the holidays. These days so many people gather here that it seems that if there were a bit more - and the earth would break down. Atmosphere of these festivals, the spirit of unrestrained joy of Limassol, and peace of old streets are impossible to forget either for adults or for kids.

Property in Limassol

Russian business is very developed in Limassol, in the suburbs there are communities where only the Russians live. There is also a Russian TV channel, radio, several Russian newspapers and magazines. A spacious office of ​​over 100 sq.m will cost at least €200,000. But if you decide to buy an apartment in Limassol, you should know that a small standard apartment in a hundred meters from a beach will cost you €59,000. And with the increase of area the price grows accordingly. For €79,000 you can buy a small house, it is unlikely to be near the sea, but probably near a golf course. You will own a beautiful two-room bungalow for €125,000, or a villa for €240,000. And finally, if you can afford buying to buy a villa by the sea for €5,000,000, then you will get a bonus yacht: one can find such offers.

Posh handsome Πάφος

Finally, we got to Paphos. We have intentionally saved until later. Paphos is the most western of the major cities of Cyprus. The city is one of the three sites in Cyprus, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Nearby there is the reserved Akamas peninsula, which has a reputation of the most beautiful place in Cyprus. It preserved the beauty of unspoiled nature to this day.

Perhaps, the most visited place on the island is near the Old Paphos: place where Aphrodite rose from the sea foam. Not a single Cyprian city or may be even in Greece has so many legends related legends to it. In Paphos there is a great number of cultural and historical monuments that get us back to the unique history of the island: Tombs of the Kings, the temple and the Baths of Aphrodite, Pafos Ancient Odeon, Saint Paraskevi church.

Property in Paphos

Buying property in Cyprus cheap is real. Property in Paphos is presented in a variety of price ranges, but in general the prices are lower than the average ones on the island. For example, a one-bedroom apartment of 46 sq.m in the city of Paphos can be purchased for €56,000, but you should have at least €89,000 to buy a townhouse with sea views. For that amount you will get a two-storey paradise on one of the hills of Paphos with sea views, in the vicinity of the Akamas National Park. This home includes an open kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a terrace with sea view on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the first floor. It also has a private swimming pool.

The news that when buying a property for a certain amount, you can easily obtain a residence permit, will be a nice addition to all this splendor. However, the residence permit of Cyprus does not give the right to work in the country, so think about a business that would help you stay in the Mediterranean paradise. If you are considering the island just as your overseas refuge for relaxation and calming the nerves, then you can rent out the property, when you don't live there, because the rent in Cyprus is always demanded.

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