Detached house in city Varna
3 bedrooms

€ 135 000
Oblast Varna, former name Varna okrug is a province in northeastern Bulgaria, onе of the 28 Bulgarian provinces. It comprises 12 municipalities with a population, in April 2016, of 494,216 inhabitants. The province is named after its administrative centre: the city of Varna.

The province's territory is 3,819.5 square kilometers. It borders the Black Sea and covers parts of the hilly Danubian Plain (including parts of the Franga Plateau, South Dobruja, the Provadiya Plateau, Ludogorie, and the Avren Plateau), Eastern Stara Planina, and the Varna-Devnya valley with the lakes (limans) of Varna and Beloslav, and the Kamchiya river valley. Other rivers include Provadiya, Devnya, and Batova, and the largest artificial lake is Tsonevo.

The Black Sea coast is hilly and verdant, mostly cliff, with a couple of rocky headlands. Several expansive sand beaches, the largest of which, at the mouths of the rivers Kamchiya and Shkorpilovska, is nearly 13 km long and up to 200-300 m wide, and many small cove beaches. Agricultural lands cover 60% of the area, with fertile chernozem soils mostly in the north and west; forests—28.1%, mostly in the south; and urban zones—6.8%.

Natural resources include large deposits of rock salt, limestone, silica, and clays, all extensively used in local chemical, cement and glass manufacturing and construction; silica is also exported. Significant deposits of medicinal fango (mineral mud) are found in Lake Varna. The province abounds in thermal mineral waters. There are natural gas reserves. The offshore Galata gas field, a relatively minor project with planned cumulative production of 2 billion cubic meters, is expected to provide up to 15% of the nation's gas consumption for its lifetime. Manganese ore deposits are found.

The climate inland is temperate, with cold, damp winters and hot, dry summers, and akin to Mediterranean along the Black Sea coast, with milder winters and cooler summers.

For sale is a panoramic property in the suburbs of Varna city near the Saints of Constantine and Helena. It's located on the northern coast in Bulgaria. Along the coast to the south, it's only 10 kilometers away from the city center and its international airport. To the north, about 15 kilometers, is the popular and vibrant Golden Sands resort.

This is a large three storey house that consists of 200 square metres of internal living area within a private plot of 450 square metres including parking facilities for two vehicles.

The ground floor consists of an entrance hall, a bathroom, a big sized room. It also has a kitchen, dining room, a living room with a fireplace, which works as a boiler for central heating system.

The first floor consists of two bedrooms and bathrooms and the second floor consists of a bedroom and a terrace of 26 square metres which provides for superb views towards the Black Sea.

The property is newly built and finished to a high standard. The property is only 900 metres from the beache and sits within a prestigious neighborhood area.

The property comes fully furnished with all the necessary appliances installed.

Property Features

* Amazing sea views

* Very close to popular Golden Sands resort

* Beautifully furnished to high standards

* Total plot of 450 square metres

* Very close to all local amenities

Location of the property on the map

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