Land in Byala

45000.00 sq.m., 0 bedrooms

€ 3,500,000


Bulgaria. Approved investment proektples for sale almost ready investment project in the town of Byala. The site area is 21.760 m2, including a dedicated for use 3-5 meter road on the border of the plot and the area under the new electrical transformer. In addition, in order (without the right of construction of permanent facilities) new owner comes surrounding state forest plot of at least 1.7 hectares, it is possible to organize landscaped Park with borders, overlooking the hillside and the sea.
Documentary support :
1) sector in the new size (similar to our registered in football juridical bodies title)
2) a valid contract for designing paid in advance , at the stage of readiness - 1.5 - 2 months from the date of resumption of work.
3)performed geodetic and geological surveys of construction conclusions
4) coordination with the local administration the power grid , water supply and sanitation.
Photos of the plot is well seen its good location - in the middle between Hobson and the town of Byala (500-700 meters to each). Held in 50-70-metres from the stretch of highway Varna - Burgas is conveniently connects it with airports in both cities. Sandy coastline and relatively low (20-25m) Bank provide excellent panoramic sea view and easy the descent-ascent to the beach.
Project development stage provided in almost finished plans and floor area of the complex and visualization of the project.
The price of this plot of land is 3 million 500 thousand euros (77 EUR/m2 actual (ha)of land or 128 EUR/m2 formally documented (2,716 ha) of land, the Price is without VAT (VAT)as the firms - owners of land is not registered for VAT (VAT). In 2014 it is possible partial registration for VAT (VAT), which will increase land prices by 20% (VAT).

Property Details

Place name: Чёрное море
Type of basin: Sea
Type of view: Sea
Place distance: 30

Location Byala

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