43.00 sq.m., None bedrooms

€ 1,200


About the project

We got inspiration for the name of our new building CASTANEA RESIDENCE from the Chestnut (Castanea), having in mind its magnificence and the fact that the tree is a symbol of Sofia.
Apart from being emblematic of our Capital, the chestnut is a symbol of longevity and wisdom.
Good architecture combines many components. Behind the good and simple design is the long-term experience of a well-coordinated team, so we believe that the name Castanea fits especially well with the new project of IDEA HOME.
In addition to the strong symbolism, the name brings a sense of elegance and style, qualities that overlap with every aspect of the building.
The modern look of Castanea Residence is achieved through large volumes, elegant shapes and well-considered architectural details, which form a strict but cozy composition. The main color of the building is white to give a feeling of purity and sophistication and to serve as a canvas to achieve contrast between the rest of the ensemble of different materials such as white limestone, light travertine, granite, metal and glass.
The building consists of two main bodies, one on six, the other on three floors, clearly defining the characteristic functionality. Despite the different purpose, a sense of wholeness is recreated, achieved through the specificity of the main architectural elements and a common line on the ground floor. The larger body is residential, with shops and an underground parking area, and the smaller one is provided entirely for the administrative needs of the Ovcha Kupel - Sofia region.
The impeccable architecture, the good and communicative location and the high quality execution make Castanea Residence a unique project on the territory of Ovcha Kupel district.
In the basement will be located 40 basements, 20 double garage cells and several bicycle parking areas.
The ground floor will consist of 7 shops and a spacious lobby to the living area. On the other five floors, there will be 40 residential units with an area of ​​43 sq.m. up to 104 sq.m.

Property Details

Floors: 5
Security: —
Installment plan: —
Construction type: Monolyth

Location kv. Ovcha kupel

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