Plant / Factory in city Silistra
12501.00 sq.m.

€ 6 900 000
Milky Plant excellent
Top Dairy Plant in Bulgaria
The plant is one of the leading producers of manufactured and melted smoked cheese , traditional Bulgarian dairy products such as cheese white BDS 15:2010, cheese. In the production of dairy products using only natural milk / cow , sheep , goat and buffalo / without the addition of vegetable protein and vegetable oil / palm and coconut / .
We currently operate 110 employees, who are daily engaged in the production of dairy products and 10 rabotnikovtehnicheskogo department. The company is specialized transportation own 7 pcs. 5 of which are in 12 tons and the rest of 5m , transporting fresh milk from Silistra, Shumen, Dobrich , Varna and Rousse region. The company has its own fleet and export finished products with a strong concentration cars smoschnostyu about 10 to 12 tons. All of our cars have the necessary documents for the transportation of milk and milk products throughout the European Union.
Now conventionally divided into sections : cheese, cheese, cream cheese , cottage cheese and ultrafiltration cheese packaging and refrigerating chambers. As the cheese shop is 20 tons of milk a day and can only work in one shift due to the technology that requires min 14 hours salting. The plant capacity is 40 ton cheese milk per day production lines are designed in such a way that simultaneously without mixing may be processed Formula 4 type. In processed cheese plant currently operates in two smenyprodukty divided into three subgroups: the triangular cheeses, spreads and salamopodobni / cutting / joining. Capacity of the day
- Triangular : 1400 kg / 140 g packs /
- Spreads : 1600 kg / 170 g and 1 kg packs /
- Salam similar: . . . 2200 kg / 200 g, 300g , 500g , Packaging /
- Porous products : 1400kg / 150 g . Packaging / how this line can easily double the capacity of processed cheese spreads .
Since 2010, the company has implemented a system of deep processing of whey : Ultrafiltration – a thickening serum and cheese waste product from the production of whey . After extraction of the protein to penetrate / 4% lactose / concentrated by reverse osmosis to 18-22 % solids and used in the production of cheese and finally pure water was obtained from the processing of whey, which is a major environmental problem in the dairy industry. ultrafiltration production of curd collected three times as he grasps milk and albumin. In the workshops introduced Multivac vacuum packaging machines and packaging in 2013 was acquired Tiromat, Intrama, which is very functional and is machine packed most products. Factory has a special room that houses the packaging and labeling materials.
Enterprise is available throughout the country and in all the major networks : Metro , Carrefour, Billa, Penny , Fantastico , and more. other.
Exports are directed to countries such as Romania , Germany , Spain, Serbia , England , Middle East / Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates / Greece , Lithuania, Latvia and others.
Plot : – 12501 sq ft
Buildings and Facilities Plot Area RFP WHR
1. Administrative and residential building floor area – 130 sq.m -260 sq.m
2 . Garage 60 m 60 m
3 . Shop for cheese ( with boiler ) 410.50 m 608.76 m
4 . Admissions and pasttsorizatsionno Laboratory dairy 260.64 m 847.94 m
5 . Cheese Seminar 425.00 sq.m 425 sq.m
6. Packaging and refrigeration 178,00 sq m 356,00 sq m
7. Industrial warehouse 738.60 sq m 1 537.42 sq m
8. Permission for packing milk 66.35 m 66.35 m
9. Shop for cheese and whey concentrate 351.50 m 701.61 m
Total : 2 554.24sq m 4 863.08 sq m
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