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Property VIP - Beach Resort for Sale or Looking for investors
In VIP Beach Resort with hotels and camping - 4 star and 3 star. Availability of business plan and investment project for construction of 5 and 4 star hotel Complex and luxury houses

The Property VIP - Beach Resort is situated approximately 50 кm from the large coastal city and the international Airport.

The Beach Resort is located in southern part of the Black Sea coast. A three kilometers long sparsely populated beaches of fine golden sand stretches before him. The bottom of the bay is shallow, flat and covered with sand. Right in front of the resort the beach is the widest /up to 200 m/ and passes into sand dunes which are protected areas.
The whole plot is located in a dense oak forest at sea level at the foot of Mount. The area offers excellent opportunities for development of resort accommodation and holiday sea tourism. Near the complex there are sports facilities - football, volleyball, basketball and three red tennis courts.

In the area of the complex two marinas are available.

Nearby are beautiful river and the reserves with their varied flora and fauna. The region is one of the protected areas in EU, where you can see rare water lilies and marsh reeds, picturesque dense forests and rare species of fish and birds.

At 55 km from Property VIP - Beach Resort is located together with its international airport and only 3 km to the west is the Airport designed for light aircraft property.


- Beach 44,000 m2 - Width of 200 m and a length of 1200 m;
- Berths / commercial / 1800 numbers and 300 seats for official use;
- Hotels 4 stars - 02 unit;
- Hotels 3 stars - 01 unit;
- Spa center, 4 star - 01 unit;
- Camping 2 and 1 Star: massive villas and Bugatti - 646 units;
- Camping 2 and 1 Star: Bugatti - 170 units;
- Houses 3 star: 02 units;
- Restaurants and shopping stores: 10 units
- Complex there are sports facilities - football, volleyball, basketball and three red tennis courts


• Here is the opportunity for investment in very large plot approximately 1.100.000 m²
• The land not belongs to the state (owned by a private company owner)
• Available DESIGN VISA and building permit for new construction in 600.000 m²
• The property is situated on the very shore of the Black Sea.
• Availability of business plan and investment project for construction of 5 and 4 star hotel Complex and luxury houses


• Excellent location - on the very shore of the on the on the beach
• Situated 55 km from central city with an international airport
• Natural preserved virgin area
• Good access by car and public transportation ( appr 300 m from first class road )
• Good transport links to other parts of region, good automobile connection to Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey
• Swift realization of investment intention - efficient and quick administrative procedures, permissions and stand of regional environmental board, full support by local staff of EU municipality
• Cost effective labour force - building construction is still the cheapest among EU countries
• Flat area, no displacement and panoramic sea view
• Absence of major international competition
• Potential for region’s development as a promising resort area
• Availability of electricity and transformer stations in property;
• Availability of sewerage station serving part in property;
• Availability telephone lines and Internet is supplied through optical line - Speed of 12Mb/s;
• Cable television. Optical line available is having 65 channels. Recort has its own cable network covering 200 separate houses, 195 rooms and 9 suites.
Boundary of ownership of the optical is DAC output.


• Improving economic indicators of EC region’s and EC municipality’s development
• Lack of sizable similar project in the region
• Advantage of developing a first marketing conception
• Possibility of co-financing by European ( EU ) funds



A detailed site development plan of regulation and construction of VIP Beach Resort is designed.

Under the existing option 93 000.00 m2 land is reserved for streets, alleys and infrastructure, while 26 000.00 sq.m remain for landscaping. Within the rest of the area the currently built-up area is 37,000 square meters against the maximum allowed 152 000,00 sq.m, the total built up area is 52,000 square meters opportunity for 576 000,00 sq.m.
The areas in which implementation of a recreation building in recommended in accordance with the draft DSP are with size of 730.00 square meters. In this moment 27 000.00 m2 total area were built, against 223 000.00 sq.m. available. The areas marked for construction of 301 holiday homes represent 301 000.00 square meters, on which an area of 330 000.00 sq.m. apartments for sale can be build. In the event of areas set aside for real estate, as defined in the project, they do not violate the territorial integrity of the complex and apartment owners can use all the opportunities for entertainment and animation, which offers a resort of such high class.

At this point in the territory of VIP Beach Resort and there exists the possibility for development of areas in the following areas:

I direction- Construction of new hotels complex 4 or 5 stras

Hotel complex next to the beach, on the border of 100m long strip, which allows for greater height, sloping terrain and wonderful sea view.
New Hotel 4 or 5 stras on the place of old restaurant and the former cultural center , advantages - the place dominates the terrain in front of him and a splendid sea view is opened. The place is close to the beach and the mall.
New Hotel 5 star next to the summer theater including building in the theater itself - the place is next to the beach.
The newly built hotels of 4 and 5 stars based on parameters and territories assigned to them will be with capacity for 200-230 rooms each or a total capacity of around 700 rooms having contingent around 1500 to 1600 beds.


II direction- Reconstruction of part of existing facilities

The reconstruction of Hotel and its transformation into a modern high-class hotel with 4 or 5 stars by building an additional wing would increase its capacity from 160 to 200 rooms and his quota /contingent/ with another 100 beds.
Renovation of the old hotel base in at least 3 stars.
Renovation of the massive bungalows, which are now 2 stars
A great potential to increase commercial beds offered for tourist needs is in the reconstruction of the massive bungalows "Lux" about 850 beds, which now are not commercial area due to poor condition. In total, the commercial beds currently on sale plus the beds of the newly built hotels and the refurbished massive villas would increase the trading capacity of the bed contingent to 4,500beds, i.e. nearly 2.5 times. Thus the nights sold can be increased in 100-110th now to 300-330th.

ІІІ. direction – Real Estate

The opportunities are great here. Real Estate can be regionalized in two relatively large areas:
I. North-northwest area on the place of the current camping without touching the warehouse, which will have an approach from the main republican road. This zone is an area of about 96 thousand sq.m. /quarters 9, 11, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28/ with options for 30 000 sq.m. built – up area and 105 000 sq.m. total built-up area. This might be the first stage of Real Estate, as this area has a completely built infrastructure: roads and alleys, water, sewerage, power supply and etc. Also the existing base which is no longer commercial /on sale/ will be removed. The advantage of this area is nearness to the center of touristic complex and the approach to the beach and the sports complex.


ІІ. South-southwest zone: This zone for residential construction includes a territory of 135 000 sq.m. /quarters 2,3,5,6,12,13,14,22,23/ woodland area with possibilities for 40 000 sq.m built-up area and 178 000 sq.m. low-level building of individual houses with lots of greenery, not higher than the tree tops. The areas that will be earmarked for such construction will not violate the territorial integrity of touristic complex and the house owners will be able to enjoy all the entertainment options and animations that are in the resort. Through that construction a very fast return on investment for the purchase of the land will occur.
The economic effect above increases with the value of land areas for tourist demand, the value of land for construction of new hotels, the value of existing buildings and infrastructure, reduced with the funds for the purchase of Property VIP - Beach Resort .


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