KG Prime Garden in Minsk

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About the project

KG Prime Garden in Minsk is located in a prestigious area that combines the advantages of country and city life. In the vicinity of the cottage village, a favorable environment. Nearby there is a water channel, nearby there is a forest area, there is a lot of space for recreation and sports. The distance to the Vostok metro station is about a kilometer. Nearby there are all the necessary social infrastructure facilities.
The prices for cottages in the CG "Prime Garden" are due to the favorable location in an ecologically clean area within the city limits and correspond to the status of development.
The cottage town Prime Garden consists of fourteen two-storey premium class houses built in the same architectural style.
During the construction of the buildings, innovative technologies were used, modern environmentally friendly materials were used to ensure the high strength of buildings. The houses were built from high quality efficient bricks, all necessary measures were taken to achieve high energy efficiency of buildings and low cost of utilities.
In the cottage community, all houses are connected to the central water and gas supply networks. Landscaping was carried out, pedestrian zones and places for recreation were equipped.
The cottages have rational and well-thought-out layouts - photos of some layout solutions have already been published on social networks and on forums, where you can also read the reviews of equity holders.

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Partyzanski District

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