A new skyscraper will be built in Bilbao

A new skyscraper will be built in Bilbao

In Spanish Bilbao the construction of BBK skyscraper, which was suspended for two years due to the crisis, will be continued reports ee24.com citing noticia.ru.

In 2004, the architectural studio Zara Hadid won the Pritzker Prize for skyscraper project BBK. And now, two years after the announcement of freezing works on site, the studio refreshed information about the project. The initial cost of a 23-storey building 105 meters high was €80 million.

The skyscraper will have six elevators, two staircases and various utility rooms. The first three floors of the building will be brought to a charitable fund of the bank BBK, on the fourth and fifth floors will be a concert hall and conference rooms. From 6th to 18th floors will be offices of employees of the bank, and the 19th floor will be taken by the data center. On the 23rd floor will be located a VIP-area with a seven-meter ceilings and windows with panoramic views. Also on the top floor will be dining rooms and a bar.

Earlier ee24.com reported that the Spaniards are the fastest to erect skyscrapers in the crisis period, and also surveyed the 10 most beautiful skyscrapers in 2012.

Photo: skyscrapercity.com