Housing prices in Spain rose  by 1.3%: are leading Islands, Madrid and Catalonia

According to the General Council of notaries of Spain, in the second quarter of 2016, the average cost per square meter increased by 1.3% yoy and reached €1314.

The leader region is the Canary Islands with the result of 7.7%. Followed by Autonomous community of Madrid (+4.9%), the Balearic Islands (+3.3%) and Catalonia (+2.7%). In 8 Autonomous regions prices have risen, and in 9 - decreased. The sharpest fall was recorded in La Rioja (-34%), Navarre (-20,1%), Castile and Leon (-12,3%) and Extremadura (to -8.8%).

The highest average housing prices  were shown in Balearic Islands (€2189 per sqm), Basque Country (€2169 per sqm) and Madrid (€1883 per sqm).

Sales volumes increased on average by 12.5%, the number of transactions decreased only in La Rioja and Navarra. The number of issued mortgages increased in all regions (average 26.1%), with the exception of Navarra (-0.7%). By mortgage lending lead again the Balearic Islands and Catalonia (with 48.7% and 45.7%, respectively).

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