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Offer for sale of water intake plant equipment and springs ZLATIBO2R WATER Plant is located in the village of Gostilje, Serbia. It is located in the non-polluted natural environment of the Zlatibor mountain, at an altitude of 850 meters. The plant is located 250 meters from the source.
plot 2963/6, whose surface is 571m2 is not our lot but is owned by the Municipality of Čajetina.
The plot 2963/7 is Gostilje Pond, of which the pond is 1956m2 and the land around it is 1516m2, with a total area of ​​3472m2. It has a mortgage of the RS Development Fund.
Plot 2963/8 is a Water Factory with a total area of ​​4804m2.
Plot 2963/9 is a well house, of which the house is 31m2, the pasture around it is 453m2, with a total area of ​​484m2.
Plot 2963/10 obj.1 is a warehouse of 27m2, and parcel 2 is a warehouse of 63m2, the rest is 183m2 of land, a total of 273m2


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