Mikhalkov was presented with a 6 acres of land in Kosovo

Mikhalkov was presented with a 6 acres of land in Kosovo

The deputies and residents of the Serbian community Zubin Potok, located on the territory of Kosovo, officially presented 6 acres of land in the area known as the Mokra Gora to the famous Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov. This gift is a symbol of appreciation and gratitude that the Serbian people feel for the creator, that always shows love and support to the Serbian people, reports portal ee24.com.

The community of Zubin Potok is counting on the fact that Mikhalkov will build an ethnic town on this land, as did the famous Yugoslavian filmmaker Emir Kusturica.  Interesting fact that the area where Kusturica built his Drvengrad is also called Mokra Gora.

The last time Mikhalkov was seen in Serbia was July 2013 at the Film Festival in Palic, during which he and Emir Kusturica have been awarded the prestigious "Aleksandar Lifka" grant for his contribution to European cinema .

Recall that Nikita Mikhalkov is the "landlord" in Russia, owning nearly a third of Mezhdurechenskiy Vologda Region (140 hectares). The huge territory with an estate is leased by the director for 49 years. In addition, Mikhalkov has an estate in Schepachihe (Nizhny Novgorod region).

Photo : 4tololo.ru, sremskiturs.ru