Site Policy. In our page can register only : - Real estate agencies, real estate developers and brokers working under individual activity certificates. Ad placement methods: - Registered, through the "My Account" manually; - Real estate businesses automatically via XML protocol (Specification is being prepared); If you are an individual and want to advertise your property for sale on website, you may choose a representative section "Choose a personal broker or you can contact us and we will recommend the company / broker according to the object you are selliing. Due to the fact that all ads are automatically exported to other countries, sites are determined to set 'General rules': - Prohibited to post the same ads (the same real estate sales / leases) regardless of the company and / or broker; - Do not register multiple connections for the same customer; - Allowed to publish only those ads, which are approved by the owner of the property; - Ads without images will be blocked; - Prohibited to publish erotic, pornographic, political contents and other publications in descriptions, photos, videos / 3D presentations and other visual material ; - The description of the advertisement, presentations and any other visual material is the responsibility of the author of the publication; User data: When filling in the registration information, we recommend adding: -Information about the company, logo, specify your contacts, email, social accounts and personal Web pages, select the language to communicate freely; -In rubric "My Account" put your photo, video and personal presentation (recommended languages: Lithuanian, English and Russian). This information will be visible for the accounts of "Brokers" and "Select personal broker"; - Prohibited to promote other businesses, other brokers and other sites; After the approval of your profile it will be activated. Sold / leased estate ads: - You can promote sales / rental property in all countries of the world. - Indicated contact person must coincide with the "My Account" profile data; - While placing ads you need to properly fill in the required fields, otherwise ads will not be activated; - It is very important to indicate correctly: Country, city / town, location coordinates or select exact location on the map (pages on other sites export conditions); - Information about the property must be described in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages ​​(the other party sites export conditions) and must coincide with the sales / leased assets to the ad's title and who depicts photographs, videos or 3D material. - Prohibited to use keywords, make a list of sold / leased properties, advertise other sites. - Photos must comply with the name and description; - In order to protect your photos it is highly recommended to use watermarks in the background and/or company's logo. - Do not use notes in pictures like: urgent, attention;

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