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We have one of the best-supported databases estate from all market segments and offer properties in low, medium and high price range.

Our experienced consultants can satisfy even the most discerning client.

Our managers can lead to a successful conclusion and the most difficult transactions.

We understand that in times of crisis and limited funding is important for you to realize your desired deal.

We at court houses, as professional intermediaries in real estate transactions known to the smallest detail specifics of supply and demand of properties from all segments of the market, we know well the psychology of each transaction all the requirements, conditions and procedures for the conclusion of perfect Contract for purchase or rental contract and not least accompany you to the very finalize the deal.

If you feel insecure in the organization of the transaction, you have a number of issues in doubt for the price, you need an experienced professional in the negotiations and negotiating the details,

The team of court houses will consult and prepare everything necessary to finalize the transaction in order to feel confident and relaxed, do not miss anything and all details will be arranged.


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