Residential property prices in Amsterdam has risen by 20%

The Dutch real estate market shows steady growth. In Amsterdam in the first quarter of 2016, the growth rate was 20%. During the last 3 years the cost per square meter in the capital increased by 6,5%.

This data was published by NVM - Association of real estate agents of Netherlands. In the first quarter the number of transactions in the country increased by 20% compared to the last year, prices rose by 5.5%. At the moment housing prices are 9% below the level of 2008.

Ger Hooker, head of the NVM, notes that although in the analyzed period the number of sales on the capital market decreased by 2%, the cost of housing rose by 20%.

Amsterdam is on the 7th position in the list of the hottest real estate markets. Experts predict a further rise in price of square meters in the next few years. It is expected that this trend will continue not only in Amsterdam but in Hague, Leiden and even Edam (15 minutes drive from the capital). In such small towns as Edam there are almost no new buildings, which creates the effect of the housing shortage.

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