In Montenegro the prices in the primary housing market fell by 5.1%

The statistical agency Monstat in 1Q of this year recorded a price decline of 5.1% (compared to the end of 2015) in the sector of new housing. In comparison with the same period of 2015, the prices for new buildings in Montenegro decreased by 2.2%.

The budget apartments, as in previous periods, it is possible to buy in Niksic. It is the second most populated city in Montenegro. A square meter of housing will cost just €649. In the last quarter of 2015 the prices here were still 12% lower.

In the official capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, real estate prices dropped only by 1.6%. The average cost amounted to €1101 per m2. By 7% decreased the prices in the resort capital of Montenegro, Budva. Now for each m2 buyers have to pay $ 1112.

At the Bar, the main seaport of the country, new buildings cost as before — €1600 per square meter.

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