Land in city Rezekne
150000.00 sq.m.

upon request

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Sale shore of the lake.
1. General Description Of The Property.
For sale land for individual buildings on the shore of lake Ismeri 17 km from the town rēzekne, part of the territory of the former ancient manor houses, mansions (muiža). The place is culturally and historically significant and is known since the XIX century, comfortable and conveniently located and picturesque.
It is possible to acquire a plot of land with an area of 0.12 ha., Or any larger size desired and in any place, and make arrangements for You at a reasonable price, at the rate of 1-4€/m2. Depending on: characteristics of the plot, size of plot, development of it infrastructure and communications; and may purchase and together with the buildings for an additional price and also at a bargain price.
The total land area is sufficient and allows a non-resident foreigner buying property to obtain a residence permit in Latvia. The coastline 1.5 km from Latvia's non-Citizens are also legally have the right to acquire private property this category of land.
Preserved: a large substantial stone stables, the foundations of the manor house, Park, forest (Linden, oak, ash, pine). Includes: electricity, transformer box for high loads, water pumping (borehole depth of 60 metres), 2 ponds, access roads.
There are also large, major, brick-and-stone buildings that can be used for various household, industrial or commercial purposes.
You can buy the entire building, or any part, square buildings. Each building has 3-4 separate inputs / outputs on different sides, allowing convenient, comfortable and isolated from each other to accommodate therein three or four neighbors. Building electrification, with electricity, supplied with water and sanitation.
If you want, and show imagination, and at a relatively significant additional financial investment, the building could be easily converted and used, for example: under the guest house, a rest home, for residential purposes, or under the house. Or, better yet, be used in a complex, large building area allows. In this case, it is possible to achieve a rare and unique opportunity to combine in one piece and in one place all three components: residential house, cottage and business activities simultaneously, and the place is picturesque, luxurious, prestigious and at the lake. And labor and additional material costs will proportionally increase the value of the property in case of its sale in the future, and perhaps even with a significant profit in absolute monetary terms.
Built-up part of the territory consists of the Peninsula of elongated shape, far stretching into the depths of the lake and it occupies a dominant position. According to the General location, nature and availability of the communication is actually one big island, a place isolated and secluded. All forested and protected from the wind. Dominated by pine. The shore is flat, sandy, sometimes moderately elevated. The shoreline is sandy. The shoreline and the top of the Peninsula is well located and faces South. Best and promising place for building of cottage settlement closed type or of lodges as well as reliable and guaranteed investment funds.
The whole area of land has the status, the category of land for individual buildings (according to the territorial plan allowed the construction of a house for every twelve acres of land) and is located in the rāzna national Park.
The area of the reservoir 150 hectares. Depth of 4-5 meters. The lake is not hypoxic, flowing, rivers connect to lakes Sosna and different. There are all the main types of fish, including the lake is rich with acne.
Small eel, migrating, regularly comes to the pond in large numbers and for long stays in summer to fatten, and not leave the lake until it reaches sexual maturity and large size, weight, and then, driven by instinct, tend to leave the pond to return migration.
Acne are biting well at night on bottom-fishing rods, zakidushki, elastic bands installed directly from the shore. Can fish eels even without the use of boats and directly with a private Bank.
A considerable area of buildings located on the shore of the lake is a unique environment and opportunity for the creation and implementation of fish farm project, and allow you to place them in a large number of "RAS" (recirculating system) for accelerated breeding, feeding eels in a list or other valuable fish species, or receipt of eggs.
Terms of the full recoupment of such projects in these specific conditions, of course with a well-organized and streamlined production and technological processes, and of course, most importantly, with a stable and reliable realization of ready products really can and should be 3-5 years.
Also, in order to significantly reduce financial costs for the implementation of the project, there is a possibility to use financing from the EU structural funds.
Very favorable ecological situation and protected environment in the national Park, also in turn contributes to and creates ideal conditions for fishing activities and of aquaculture in General.
The farm has also the lake itself. Developed and approved a special operation rules of a reservoir that allows you to engage in any types of economic and business activities associated with the pond and aquaculture.
According to the rules of operation on the lake is allowed to use motor boats, boats, jet skis, fishing, active recreation and sport.
Bargaining is possible. It is possible to rent land or buildings land with option to purchase. Also, consider any proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation in the spheres of tourism, health resort and hotel business, sport, fisheries, fish farming, agriculture and other business activities from the stakeholders or investors.

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