Latvia adopted new construction law

Latvia adopted new construction law

According to Baltic Course web portal, The Latvian Parliament has adopted a law on construction that will significantly stimulate new construction and remove a range of bureaucratic obstacles affecting the activity of construction companies.

The new law was developed by experts from the construction and social spheres, non-governmental organizations, various ministries and departments.

Provisions of the new law regulate the rules of designing new construction sites; put in order design and engineering; duties and responsibilities of architects and developers; work progress monitoring; certification; procedure of obtaining construction permits; monitoring of other aspects of construction business.

The new law includes a dedicated chapter that classifies developers, as well as the requirements for them to meet in order to participate in government tenders. And construction industry experts on their part will be required to regularly undergo advanced training courses for renewal of certificates.

The law also defines the role of the Cabinet of Ministers in creating general and specific construction standards and laws. The document introduces a new procedure for issuance of construction permits, which will allow local authorities to place step up demands on sites to bring them in line with local conditions.

In addition, the law describes the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in the construction process. The law also defines the functions and responsibilities of construction departments, the period during which a construction department shall accept or refuse implementation of a construction project; and it also obliges local authorities to inform the public about each new construction project.