In Riga

In Riga

According to the company "Latio", the new housing market in Riga is in a stable position and even shows a relatively high activity. The total revenue from the sales of new apartments increased by 6.6% during the 2Q of 2016. The number of transactions remained almost unchanged.

The most lively were sale of new housing in April and May. In June sales were traditionally slower.

Another important trend is the increase in the number of contracts signed by the residents of Latvia. Monthly were done 110 deals, and only 15 of them involved non-residents.

The highest demand have still two and three bedroom apartments, with an area not exceeding 75 sq. m. However, spacious apartments ranging from 100 sq. m has significant increase in demand.

As the price of apartments in Riga, during the 2Q of 2016, they remained at the same level - as the center and in Old Riga as in the districts.

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