House in city Ludza
50.00 sq.m., 1 bedroom

€ 24 500
Sell by owner. Nice wood summerhouse on lake (lake line, lake view), in the most beautiful and the oldest town in Latvia, Ludza. 2 stories house - 50 sq.m., first storey- cold kitchen, second storey- wood living room. Restroom - outside the house (country type toilet). Water pump near house. Window goes to the lake. 2 small beaches - swimming, fishing (a lot of fish), boating. In the house garden (400 m2)- apples, pears, berries. Great vacation place. Calm neighbours - very kind. Pets welcome. Cheap accomodation. No crime!
About town, Ludza is the oldest town in Latvia. Already in the 1st millenary BC, Baltic Latgallian tribes chose this beautiful, lake- and forest-rich region in the east of Latvia. Between Ludza Small and Large Lake, on the top of a hill, Latgallian wooden castle stood for the protection of region borders; around this castle, an active and rich town started to grow, which was named after the king's daughter Lucia - Ludza. The name of Ludza was first mentioned in 1177 in the Kiev Ipatiya chronicle. The town is rich in history, in architectural buildings. In and around Ludza there are various lakes, rivers. The town is called " a diamond and around it blue lakes". Also, Ludza is very green. Next, Whole summer - various atractions in town -drama, folk/rock/pop music, folk/pop dances, other history performances in/outside the walls, local unique craftmarkets, organic food, vegetables, fruits on green market, etc. From Ludza to Riga (capital of Latvia) -270 km.

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