Where to buy a house in Riga?

Where to buy a house in Riga?

Riga is a city which only thirty years ago was nice to ride on the weekends to enjoy a wonderful coffee, wander under the arches of the Riga Cathedral and enjoy the quiet charm of the winding old streets. Now it is located in the foreign country, though intimate and painfully familiar to many of the older generation.

Riga will be the great place of residence for those who want to live in Europe, but is afraid of language problems, cause Riga dwellers know Russian well and about half of the residents are bilingual from birth. The ancient spirit is preserved until now, but at the same time a European gloss has come into city which resulted into nice service, quiet courtesy and alienation of some Latvians, faithfully following the rule of "my house - my fortress." Of course there also are some disadvantages, the legacy of the recent crisis and the sluggish economy. However, if desired, they can be considered as a merit. The main thing is the emotional perception of the city and its atmosphere.

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The most popular tourist center is Vecrīga (the Old Town), where historic sights are close to each other, and a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs await visitors. The area has an old historic buildings, and, no matter how desirable, it is almost impossible to buy a house here. The Old Town is gradually transformed into the quiet center, and there are quite a lot of proposals for the sale of property. Basically these are restored mansions, rarely — the new buildings. Square meter on average stands from €1,150. So, for example, a house of 248 sq.m. is worth €298,800, and a small house of 80 sq.m., in need of repair, will cost €92,000. City districts are mainly built up with one-and two-story houses, little shops, the streets are broken here and there, but the center with good infrastructure is in walking distance. Does the game worth the candle? You decide.

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On the right bank of the Daugava River, north-east of the Central District there is the most green area of the city — Mežaparks (Forest Park). If you use public transport, the road from the center takes 25-30 minutes, by car, of course, it'll be faster. In Mežaparks you can buy a new home - a two-storey mansion of more than 300 sq.m. which will cost you €670,000. Neighborhood with one side is adjacent to the lake Ķīšezers, where are no industrial enterprises. Here you can find different buildings - from wooden houses and stone mansions of the last century to the modern residential buildings. The area is considered very prestigious, but has poor infrastructure, not enough shops, schools and kindergartens. However, the City Hall is working on improvement of the infrastructure for several years, so that in the future the district will be not only pleasant but also convenient.

And one of the most populated areas of the city is Purvciems. It is mainly dominated by multi-storey buildings, residential houses, built from the 1950s to the present days. Accordingly, the social composition of the population is mixed, some streets are quite unsafe after dark. But you can find a house in a quiet place. So, for example, you can buy a detached house in the Cesc street with area of 256 sq.m., located on a plot of 0.7 hectares of land worth €390,000. In close proximity to quite a lot of shopping centers, educational and medical institutions.

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Purvciems is bordered with Mežciems neighborhood - the eastern edge of the city. Someone may seem the distance from the center as a disadvantage, but only here you are likely to meet a fox or a hedgehog coming out of the house in the morning. District is surrounded by wooded park on three sides and has very clean air. There are few cars, cause the number of people is not so large, so nothing could spoil the freshness of the atmosphere. The infrastructure is well developed, there are several large supermarkets, kindergartens and schools, medical facilities. The district is suitable for a quiet family life, so if you are looking for a lively atmosphere and frantic activity, you shoul seek another place. However, there are not so much proposals for the sale of houses in Mežciems because this area is built up with condominiums. However right now you can buy a nice house on the Kaivas street. Its area is 356 square meters worth €1,348 each.

Another very pleasant place is Vecāķi - the northernmost district of Riga, which has acquired the status of the resort in the last century. Neighborhood was built on the site of the former fishing village, which houses have been replaced by the Soviet-built ones. Here you can find offers, for the most part, only in the secondary market. The land is cheap and the houses are very diverse - from small, dilapidated wooden huts to quite modern multi-storey buildings. To date, the portal ee24.com has a few suggestions for the sale of homes in this neighborhood. Price dispersion speaks for itself. So, for example, a spacious mansion with area of 293 sq.m., in need of a cosmetic repair, is offered for just €85,000. Here's a more modern house of 200 sq.m. for sale for €330,000. See the difference? But, with some effort, you may find a home for almost any price.

For those who are alien to the noisy center, which is overrun by tourists, who desires the security and prestige, should seek the luxury districts in the remote areas of the city - Bukulti, Priedkalne village, and housing on the Baltezers lake shores. Here ist the most expensive land not only in Riga, but also in the whole Latvia, but you can be sure of a decent environment. Areas are located along the shores of Lake Baltezers are surrounded by a pine forest. The cost per square meter of housing in this area ranges from €1,750 to €2,500 - depending on the size and equipment of the house, its location and other features.

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In the vicinity of Riga there are also a few decent places to stay. For example, you should pay attention to the new settlement Saliena. It is located 5 kilometers from the famous Jurmala, and 15 kilometers from the city center. The only noticeable drawback is that the village is close to the airport - only 8 kilometers away. So the locals are probably fully aware of the schedule of domestic airlines flights. However, one of the old residents of the village assured me that he has already stopped paying attention to the noise – he just used to it. Houses in the village are from €280,000 to €320,000, fully decorated and furnished.

In addition, in the vicinity of the city there are such villages as Langstini, Sunishi, Ikshkile each of which offers homes with impressive size of land plots and prices. The cost ranges from €950 to €1,200 per square meter, depending on the condition of the house, the values of the site and other factors.

If the purchase of a house or cottage in Riga is your lingering dream, you should dare dare to depart. Never mind the doubts. To enter Latvia you'll need a Schengen visa, which allows you to live in the country for more than 180 days during the year. For longer stays you will need to obtain permission from the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia. In addition, since 2010 the country has the law on the so-called "golden residence permit": a residence permit shall be issued to those who invest in Latvian real estate at least €142,300 (effective for accommodation in Riga, Riga region or cities of national importance) or € 71,150 or more (all other regions).

Text: Nadezhda Degtyareva, exclusively for ee24.com