Aktau Towers in Aktau

53.00 sq.m., None bedrooms

€ 500


About the project

Aktau Towers residential complex is a multi-storey elite building with apartments of various layouts, located in a developed area of ​​the city.

About location Aktau Towers in Aktau is located in the northern part of the 12th microdistrict, four and a half kilometers from the city akimat. To the seashore fifteen minutes walk.

Environment In the neighborhood there is the Munaishy sports complex, cafes, shops of various profiles, a dental clinic, pharmacies, as well as a shopping and entertainment center with a modern cinema and swimming pool. Nearby are three shopping centers, a gas station and a bank branch.
Gymnasium No. 13 and school No. 21 are only four hundred meters away. In the neighboring yard is a kindergarten number 36. Within a radius of three hundred meters there are two more kindergartens - “Zhaksym” and kindergarten No. 31.

Transport infrastructure Public transport is located next to the house. There are buses on two routes, including to the city center and its southern outskirts. Aktau Airport can be reached in forty-five minutes.

Architecture LCD "Aktau Towers" is a twelve-story L-shaped house of four sections. The building is being built on an individual project from environmentally friendly materials. The technologies used during construction allow achieving the maximum level of comfort and high seismic resistance of the structure.

From the side of the street, the house has an unusual wave-like line of the facade that distinguishes it from the surrounding buildings. The building has a flat roof, equipped with internal drains, and a solid reinforced concrete monolithic frame. 
The facade of the new building is warmly insulated. This allows you to achieve high energy efficiency of housing and reduce the cost of its maintenance, which will definitely be appreciated by future newcomers. 
The apartments have open unglazed balconies with metal fencing, and from the side of the street there are loggias with panoramic glazing. Oversized window openings are glazed with energy-saving two-chamber double-glazed windows and provide good natural light in the room. 
The house is equipped with modern utilities and noiseless elevators - one passenger and one cargo-passenger in each entrance. Entrance groups are equipped with ramps designed for barrier-free movement of citizens with disabilities. 
Beautification On the territory of the new building, landscaping is carried out in accordance with the concept of “a yard without cars”. Near the house and in the courtyard, pedestrian paths and walking alleys are laid, recreation areas and a children's playground are equipped.

Wide paved driveways are laid along the perimeter of the territory, spacious parking lots for guest transport are provided. Underground parking is being constructed. Modern street lighting is installed, trees and shrubs are planted, lawns are broken. 
Housing stock of the complex In a new building, the sale of apartments is carried out in a preliminary finish. The cost of new real estate includes the installation of a metal front door and high-quality plastic windows.

The developer offers to buy an apartment with a free layout. The buyer has the opportunity to choose a housing area of ​​32-118 m2 in the format he likes - from the studio to the apartment, which can be divided into the required number of rooms independently.

Property Details

Floors: 12
Security: —
Building phase: Facade finished
Installment plan: —
Construction type: Monolyth

Location Aktau

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