The Italians sell homes and emigrate

The number of Italian immigrants in 2013 increased by 20.7% in annual terms, reaching 82,095 persons. The Italians got rid of their property and moved to the United Kingdom (13,000), Germany (11,000), Switzerland (10,000), France (8,000) and the US (5,000), according to the statistics agency Istat.

Emigration rate reached 10-year highs. The main reasons were unemployment (13.2%, and among young people – record 43.3%), economic problems, bureaucracy and high taxes for business. The wealthy Italians older than 25 years left the country and settled mainly in the UK and the United States. Every third of them had a higher education.

The number of immigrants has also changed, down by 12.3% to 307,000 persons in 2013. The main groups were residents of Romania (58,000), Morocco (20,000), China and Ukraine.


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