Piedmont and Lombardy, so different but so similar

Piedmont and Lombardy, so different but so similar

Editorial board of European real estate portal ee24.com continues to acquaint its readers with the different regions of Italy. Recently we wrote about real estate in Liguria, Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Sardinia, on the shores of lakes and seas, as well as on ski resorts in Italy. Today we'll focus on two well-known areas of Northern Italy - Piedmont and Lombardy.


Primarily, we associate Piedmont with mountains, because in Italian Piedmont  means "foothill". There are some of the highest Alpine peaks in Piedmont, such as Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso. Majestic, but at the same time cozy and quiet beauty of these places makes a stay here like a fairy tale.

Beautiful views of the Italian Alps
Mountains in Piedmont

The most expensive real estate in Piedmont is located in the northernmost province of Verbania, where average price is €2,032 per square meter, while in the province of Biella a square meter is offered for €928. Houses and apartments in Turin and the surrounding area cost €1,921, and in Asti and Alessandria housing costs €1,200 per square meters.

The romance of mountains

Piedmont is not only about the Alps. Locals also make boast of seven sacred mountains, which are in UNESCO World Heritage List. There are churches and monasteries in these mountains and it's possible to get there only on foot. Actually, there are a lot of mountains in Italy called "sacred", but only nine of them have World Heritage status, and seven are in Piedmont.

For several hundred years Piedmont was ruled by the Savoy dynasty, which from time to time was in war with other rulers of medieval Italy. Therefore, besides the churches, in Piedmont you can find a large number of knights' castles of XIV and XV centuries. If you are fond of medieval history, then the province of Cuneo and city of Alessandria would be a great place to live for you. Villas in these area cost about €650,000 - 800,000.

Galimberti Square in Cuneo
Galimberti Square in Cuneo

Italian Alps is certainly not only beautiful scenery and ancient monasteries, but also great opportunities for outdoor activities. Piedmont ski resorts have always been considered among the best in Europe, and after the Olympic Games in Turin, this business has received even greater opportunities for development. Probably, the most famous skiing area is Val di Susa, which includes five resorts (Sestriere, Cesana, Sauze d'Oulx, San Sicario, Claviere).

If you are considering buying real estate in Piedmont, don't throw ski resorts overboard. Indeed, it's quite possible to live there permanently, that certainly will be a boon for all fans of extreme sports. On the slopes of Prato Nevoso, probably one of the most popular ski resorts in Northern Italy, there are many classic chalets of stone and wood.

The best views of the Italian Alps

For €93,000 you can get the opportunity to start every morning with workout and spend every evening, contemplating the mountain tops and enjoying pleasant sounds of crackling wood in the fireplace. 40-meter apartments are perfect for housing or rental (in case if you want a change of scenery).

Lago Maggiore brings peace of mind

For those who prefer tranquillity of mountain lakes over the harsh beauty of snowy peaks, ee24.com proposes to consider property on Lake Maggiore. Cozy two-story house with a garden costs about €400,000. Not that big money in exchange for a calm life and stunning views. Weather is wonderful, air is clean and the scenery is breathtaking. 

Panorama of Lake Maggiore in Italy
Lake Maggiore

Lago Maggiore is quite large, and there are a lot of villages on its shores. For example, living in the town of Stresa, you can admire the lake and at the same time enjoy all the benefits of city life. Residential real estate in Stresa can be purchased at a price of €220,000 to €550,000, depending on footage. This can be whether a modest apartment in city centre, or a mansion on the shore of the lake. 

Stresa on Lake Maggiore
Stresa, Lake Maggiore

To live in Piedmont means to live long

As in many mountain regions of the world, thermal springs and mud spas can be found in Piedmont. Water from the slopes of the Italian Alps is considered useful by global medical community, that's why people come in droves to Piedmont to cure different illnesses. 

There is a great choice: you can relax in the hot springs of Acqui Terme, not far from Alessandria, or cure gastric diseases in Agliano Terme. If you have health problems, it makes sense to buy a house in Piedmont town of Asti (home of the famous sparkling wine), only seventeen kilometers from Agliano Terme. Villa of 300 square meters overlooking the central part of Asti can be purchased for €800,000 - 900,000. 

Vineyards for wine and champagne Asti
Vineyards near Asti

The old proverb about a sound body and a sound mind is applied well to inhabitants of Northern Italy. Judge for yourself: pure mountain air, all the possibilities for winter sports and tourism (there are 56 parks), mineral springs. And all this is available at any time of the year, thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate! Add a huge number of vineyards, as well as delicious local cuisine and, voila, you're living in a fairy tale. 

Map of Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy


The neighboring region of Piedmont, Lombardy, makes quite a different impression. Although the scenery is quite similar, after pastoral cozy Piedmont, Lombardy seems a fussy business ground. 

In November 2013, the highest residential property prices in Lombardy  were recorded in the province of Milan and averaged €2,826 per square meter. The most affordable real estate in Lombardy is located in the province of Mantua and cost €1,402 per square meter.

Milan is the capital in all senses 

Lombardy is the most economically successful, fashionable and populous region of Italy. Its capital is Milan, a mecca for all fashion lovers. Milan is one of the business centers of nowadays Europe. Headquarters of famous companies and the only stock exchange in Italy are sutyated in Milan. The city's location allows easily get to Switzerland and its banks. Life in Milan is in full swing, providing Lombardy the highest GDP in Italy. 

Milan panorama with skyscrapers
Milan skyline

To buy an apartment in Milan means to acquire a prestigious and comfortable property. It should be noted that property prices in Milan are pretty high, but it's consistent with the level of life in the city. 

Channel in Milan

For example, a spacious loft apartment near the city centre offered for €1.25 million. However, if you look for something more modest than the 250-meter penthouse, you can spend much less. Prices for apartments in Milan are slightly lower than in Moscow. Thus, two-bedroom apartments in five metro stations from the centre of Milan cost about €140,000 - 150,000. 

Duomo in Milan
Duomo (Milan Cathedral)

Land of Lakes 

Milan is not a whole Lombardy, and in this region, like in Piedmont, there are many picturesque and tranquil locations. By the number of lakes Lombardy is not inferior to its neighbour. The largest Italian lake, Lago di Garda, is located in Lombardy.

Lake Garda in Lombardy, Italy
Lake Garda

There are many old mansions and palaces with park areas, scenic views of lakes and mountains. Apartments in these places can be purchased for around €700,000 - 750,000. If you want to buy a house, the price will increase to €1-1,5 million. A lovely one-bedroom apartment on the sunny shores of Lake Maggiore goes for €370,000 - 380,000. 

Everywhere in this area you can see not only houses, but also a truly luxurious villas. Prices for such property in Lombardy start from €1.3 million and reach €2.8 million. When buying villa, you may get a small park or a pretty big piece of land.

Text: George Nachkepiya, especially for ee24.com