Real estate on the Italian beaches: o mare, mare!

Real estate on the Italian beaches: o mare, mare!

Sunny, welcoming, delicious Italy for many centuries attract our compatriots. The secret lies in the beautiful climate, similar mentality and a special temptation of Italian landscapes. Here everyone can find the city of his dreams, even if these dreams are completely different: someone desires rocky mountains, someone - the hills, entwined vines, while others prefer the sea. I am in the latter category, and, therefore, want to travel to the Italian beaches.

The whole four seas wash Apennine peninsula: Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Adriatic and the Mediterranean - just enough to choose from. Therefore, the journey along the coastal areas took more than one day. I'll also try to give a brief overview of the real estate on the Italian beaches : we'll explore where is it better, cheaper, more prestigious and more comfortable to buy housing.

Photo: Tropea beach, Calabria

Calabria, inexpensive south

In the southern tip of the peninsula stretches Calabria. The region is interesting, first of all, brcause of the climate and the nature of the local population. Residents of Calabria has long developed philosophical view of life, perhaps this is due to the lack of jobs in the region, and perhaps a softening heart and soul of the sun. That is good, because of low housing prices. Several years ago, the Italian government has decided to assist the development of Calabria, the mass construction of residential real estate in the coastal strip, based on deisres of both the foreigners and the residents of the inner regions of the country.

However the concern rather quickly went into decline. Now the cost per square meter on average is around €1,700 - €2,300 per square meter. Depending on the city, location, the area and type of property. However, there are some exceptions. In our case it is a favorite resort of the Italians – Scalea, going down from the cliffs to the sea. Here, the value of residential real estate starts at €444, on the market there are many small apartments, perfectly suitable for seasonal holidays. City is the most remarkable, because at certain times of the year, namely, in May and October-November, living here you can combine a beach holiday with exciting skiing at local ski slopes. And so they live, winter in the morning, summer in the afternoon.

In the Campania for the company

To this region, indeed, it is better to come with the whole company - or you won't be able to describe to friends all the delights of the local cuisine and the splendor of landscapes. Well, if you're going to live here at least a few months a year, you'd better leave the friends at home - the real estate on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the region of Italy is not the cheapest one. Where to stay?

From childhood experiences I've made ​​some idea of ​​Naples, as a white, gorgeous city, and first of all I decided to look around there. With a strong desire, of course, you can live there. But, it's a port city, and there is not much sense to in going for as many kilometers to listen to steamship whistles and breathe the smells of the port. Especially when there are so many tempting offers!

Properties in the vicinity of Naples, in the small coastal villages are surprisingly suitable for all those who just want to relax on the seashore. Villas, houses and cottages — here are proposals for every budget and taste. So, you can purchase a small urban house under renovation - only for €15,000, and it is possible to spend more than € .5 million and become the master of a modern villa on the island of Capri. On the whole Campania will satisfy the tastes of any customer. Even with the very modest sum you shouldn't choose the marine views, and purchase a property at a certain distance from the coast, where prices are several times lower than on the coast.

Photo: Anzio beach, Lazio

Roman Holidays in Lazio

Campania is the region located north from Lazio and, in fact, here is the Italian capital - Rome. By the way, not far from the latter there are many small resort towns, where you can go on holidays like the famous «Romans». Acquirштп property here probably does not make sense, except that you desire to live closer to the Eternal City. However, let's turn our attention to prices. For example, a house in Anzio will cost from €1,800 per square meter, an apartment in a new town house up to €2,800 in case of an urban villa. About the same price level can be observed in Sabaudia. For example, in this city you can buy a villa of 250m² at the value of €750,000.

Photo: Viareggio beach, Tuscany


If you leave Rome and head north, than you find yourself in Tuscany - the most prestigious and one of the most attractive regions of Italy. The real estate here you can buy in almost every coastal village, but the most popular, of course, are Monte Argentario, Rozinano Marittima, Sant'Ilario, Livorno, Cecina. The average property price is around €4,800 per square meter. If we talk about elite offers, the upper bracket is virtually unlimited.

Photo: Polignano a Mare beach, Bari

The East Coast

The east coast of Italy is most attractive to foreigners because of Venice, San Remo, Genoa, Rimini, Bari. The cost of real estate in each of these resorts varies, but definitely is high. For example, in Rimini you can hardly find an attractive offer for less than €150,000, and a modest apartment in Bari would cost no less than €60,000. Ancona resort offers a small apartment from €49,000 and villas up to €9.5 million. In Rimini, home prices start at €4,000 per square meter.

Of course, a review of coastal real estate is far from complete, too many cities, towns and villages are scattered on the shoreline of the Italian "boot". However, I hope you got the overall picture of the market. Now you can collect things and go to the region for more detailed acquaintance!

Main Photo: Amalfi beach, Campagna

Text: Nadezhda Degtyareva, specially for