Virtu has sold penthouse in Berlin for a record amount

Virtu has sold penthouse in Berlin for a record amount

Record of the most expensive real estate purchase in the history of the German capital was reached at the Berlin market in August 2014. Penthouse, owned by Virtu developer, was sold for 5.7 million. Price for "square" reached a record of €22,000, says

The apartment is located on the Hausvogteiplatz street, at the fashionable Mitte district just in the heart of Berlin. Luxury penthouse is surrounded by elite hotels and the most expensive boutiques. Its area of 260 square meters includes a wine cellar, gym, sauna with splendid view on the streets of the capital.

Georg Strohmayer, Representative of Virtu, said that wealthy people don’t just buy meters but a luxury, which has become a product itself. In this regard, expensive housing, according to him, reminds branded items such as Gucci watches. It certainly doesn’t cost thousands of dollars by themselves, but the brand does.

The previous record in the cost of housing in Berlin was €5 million or about €12,000 per sq.m.

In 2013, were published data, confirming the extreme attractiveness of real estate in the German capital for the wealthy customers. Houses and apartments in Berlin are constantly becoming more expensive; in the last year prices rose by about 10%.

Photo: The Gendarmenmarkt – the area in the center of Berlin.