More overseas interest in German properties

International property investors concerned by the sovereign debt crisis affecting many parts of Europe have decided the German property market is well worth a punt. Germany is generally considered to have a reliably "safe" economic policy in place and the housing market is beginning to see rising interest from international property investors as they turn away from more traditional European hotspots.

Values of property in Germany have held steady during 2011 – particularly in main cities. Berlin property prices have shown strong growth during 2011 and are now 7 % higher than a year ago. The rental sector is particularly busy in the city and demand for apartments runs high which is bound to attract further investors in the coming months.

On another note figures from the Federal Statistical Office show a rise of six per cent in the number of overseas visitors arriving in the country so far this year.

Source: http://www.propertyworld.com/Property-News/More-overseas-interest-in-German-properties-2843