The most expensive places in Germany

Sept. 24, 2013

The most expensive places in Germany

The most expensive real estate in Germany is located in the community of Kampen, on Lake Starnberg, as well as in Munich and Hamburg. publishes 20 places in Germany where house prices are on the highest level.

The biggest real estate prices rise in Germany last year was in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Constance and on Lake Tegernsee. According to a leading German agency Engel&Völkers, the highest prices are still kept in Kampen - the most popular German village on the North Sea coast, near Denmark. The prices for apartments reach €35,000 per sq.m.

On the second place is Munich, where the Seven Tower skyscraper on Müllerstraße is the most expensive residential building in the city with a price tag of € 25,000 per sqm In the districts of Schwabing and Alt-Bogenhausen the prices for luxury housing rose by 30% for the year (prices are from €12,000 to €18,000 for a "square").

The rise in prices of elite housing by almost 50% in such areas of Frankfurt, as Nordend-West (€ 1,000 per sq.m.) shows that the instability in the financial markets does not affect the market of elite housing in this city.

The restoration project of Rhine promenade in the Old Town of Dusseldorf caused the rise in prices to €13,500, which is almost twice as much as in the surrounding areas.

Photo: the Old Town of Dusseldorf

High-quality houses in the city of Constance with a view of Lake Constance also grew in price by about 30% (€10,000 per sq.m.) .

Photo: Lake Constance

In northern Germany, on the largest island of the country Rugen the prices in the prestigious area of Binz rose about 15% to €8,500 per sq.m.

Seriously rost the property prices in Berlin. A few years ago, the average price of housing in the capital of Germany accounted for €5,000, and now they are up to about €15,000. And in Hamburg near Lake Außenalster prices rose to €16,000.


Photo: Prestigious district of Hamburg

In southern Germany, on the northwestern shore of Lake Starnberg See, prices rose to €25,000 per sq.m. In particular, the housing in the city of Valhshtadt costs €11,800 per "square" in Pöcking - €12,450, in Ammerland - about €25,000.

Photo: Lake Starnberg See

But truly exclusive homes are twice or even three times more expensive than the average prices in the market. In addition to the unique location, the quality of real estate is defined as the most exclusive high-performance queries. Often, old houses are repaired and redesigned, and then are exposed to the market of high-end housing.

Of the total number of real estate more expensive than €750,000, by sold the agency Engel&Völkers in 2012, 39 % were apartments built after 2010, 27 % - apartments built in 2000-2009, and 21 % - apartments built in 1851-1919.

Demand for housing in Germany is growing, and developers are snapping up the remaining undeveloped areas like hotcakes. As a result, the new luxury buildings are built in places with a built-up. This happened in HafenCity in Hamburg, Rheinauhafen in Cologne and in Westhafen in Frankfurt.

The main photo: Rugen

Text: Ivan Ulitin,